Pension Forfeiture Bill Approved

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The State Senate and the Assembly cleared the way for a constitutional amendment that will strip pensions from lawmakers convicted of felonies. This is the final step before the proposed amendment goes before the voters this fall.

Notably, under this proposal, a convicted official will not automatically lose their pension. A court review would follow that could result in forfeiture, or a reduction, taking into consideration the severity of the crime.

Opponents argue pensions are “property rights.” Sen. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) argues “if I do something wrong, then yes I go to jail. But then my wife is out on the street? Just to please the media.”




  1. Sounds like a loophole to be abused by the “courts” who are appointed by the corrupt politicians.
    But at least it is a start and one that the courts can be held accountable for.

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