Abuse Uncovered at SUNY Research Foundation

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The Office of State Comptroller released on October 22nd an audit report that resulted in the firing of a senior SUNY Research Foundation official at Buffalo State College. Reason, he personally enriched himself over a 48 month period with purchases that were not business related with the knowledge and understanding of what the audit calls “high level officials.”

The audit also reveals that payments by the Research Foundation to legal firms to perform investigative work was let before justified, one contract in the amount of $908,437 was paid and not signed and dated and, the former general counsel was paid $345,034, plus a severance package, for less than a year of service. The total cost of hiring this one individual, for an 11 month period was $665,456.

They asked Willie Sutton some years ago, why he robbed bank’s? His answer, that’s we’re the money is!

Willie should have worked for this outfit. Sad, but true!

Details of this audit are available on the Comptroller’s web site.



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