Ex-State Senate leader fails in bid to avoid retrail

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Former Republican party Majority Leader Senator Joseph L. Bruno, who resigned from office when confronted with a federal corruption investigation in 2008,  just lost his “stay out of jail” appeal not to be tried twice for the same crime. In a ruling issued on August 6th the U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled the government could proceed with its charges because, they are now based on a theory of bribery and kickbacks rather than the earlier theory of conflict of interest. The convictions are significant because “the jury found that Bruno possessed the requisite intent to devise a scheme to defraud.”

Specifically, Bruno was and is now accused of of accepting bribes of $440,000 from TerreStar Networks. In exchange, he performed official acts benefiting the interests of of the companies former Chairman Jared E. Abbruzzese, including directing the award of a $250,000 grant to Evident Technologies Inc. and a $2.5 million grant to colleges for the benefit of the company.

He ruled for 14 years as Senate majority leader. Will justice be done? Has last court appearance was back in May of 2012 lasted ten minutes.


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