Important legislation introduced in the State Senate

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Following suggestions introduced last Fall, State Senator Dean G. Skelos (Temporary President and Majority Coalition Leader 9th Senate District) introduced on Feb 28th legislation that would establish a New York State Independent Budget Office (LBO) to provide an objective, non-partisan and timely analysis of state revenues, expenditures and management practices balanced in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This legislation, if enacted, also enacts a requirement for performance budgeting.

Similar legislation was sponsored and approved by the full senate back in 2011 failing to gain endorsement in the Assembly.

The details of this legislation can be found on this web site by prompting on the senator’s web site and referencing Senate Bill S3946-2013.

I fully support this legislation. Reform of the procedures currently in use is long overdue.

Two other recommendations are also being examined. One concerns the need for the modification of legislature sponsored by State Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-District 47) last year to improve the current display of information dealing with the operation of state and local government agencies. The second recommendation, deals with the need to re-examine the effectiveness of Public Authorities Reform legislation.


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