New York State Legislators Reap Bemefits of Part-Time Jobs

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As required in the Public Authority Reform Act of 2011, “certain state officers and employees, elected state officials, legislative officers and employees, among others, file Financial Disclosure Statements. In addition, lobbyists must file reports concerning their activities and identify the names of their clients. This information is available on line in spreadsheet format using the web site of the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics. Two primary prompts are available. One directs you to the names of your representatives allowing you to review the actual paper work he or she submitted. The second “View Findings” takes you to the spreadsheet mentioned.

Viewed as an open widow into the workings of Albany. Governor Cuomo remarked “under our current system we have part time legislators….that’s the design of the system by the Constitution….the information provided will shed some light on the law maker’s ties to those they represent…….and help people become more comfortable about their government.”

Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver’s earnings gained the most press. Why? His filing said that his job consisted of “general practice of law with emphasis with representation of individual clients and and personal injury actions.” Not a totally unexpected revelation raising yet other concerns.


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