Nothing happens in Albany by accident

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Fighting corruption:

My last column, posted on July 25th was titled “Not sold on Cuomo’s plan to stop corruption.” I’m not the only one concerned. Last week, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sent his colleagues a letter advising them of the hiring of a law firm that will fight overreaching by the commission and preserve proper respect for the constitutional doctrine of the separation of powers.

The Silver letter also states by law, commissions that governors create under the state Moreland Act can look into and recommend improvements only at executive agencies and boards, not the Legislature. What the Senate plans to do is not clear. Defensive plays that will, in my opinion, prevent anything of value happening. The law firm selected by Silver also donated to the governor $275,000 since 2010. I believe all bases are covered.

Tax cuts:

No details, but Cuomo and Skelos are urging state lawmakers to reduce broad-based taxes for all New Yorkers (next year) when they are all up for reelection. E.J. McMahon, from the Empire Center for New York State Policy, decried the moveĀ  with the current tax system “cluttered with credits, deductions and other loopholes, driven more by short term policy goals and political considerations than by the basic principals of tax fairness, efficiency, simplicity, visibility and competitiveness.”


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