The Governor Will Now Take Your Question

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Last September, Governor Andrew Cuomo set up a web site to field questions from New Yorkers. Hundreds of inquires were posted. Six months later, sixteen innocuous questions were actually answered. When asked why so little, the governor’s spokesperson commented “he answered as many as possible.”

In fairness to the governor today’s issues are too contentious and complicated to deal with in a “chat” room, Face Book or Twitter environment. I can also assure you that the use of an elected official’s web site can be equally unproductive.

Electronic communications can be a bit of a doubled edged sword. It works well to seek information as demonstrated in the use of this web site. It also can be illusionary as cited above.
My advice, if you want to get a point across, arrange for a sit down meeting, be prepared, hold them accountable and, if that doesn’t work tell me why using the Blog Post provided.

Ref: N.Y. Times, March 12, 2012 “The Governor Will now Take Questions. Except That One, or That One.”


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