You’re Right to Know!

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When Governor Cuomo ran for office he vowed to “operate the most transparent administration in New York State history.” In the process of doing so, as reported in Breaking News on April 10th, he set up a new web site to field (in chat room fashion) questions from New Yorkers on a personal level.

Unfortunately, as reported in the New York Times (on three occasions) all that glitters is not gold. The “chat” room idea was extremely unproductive with hundreds of real questions completely ignored.  A second report revealed the use of “Democratic administration ghostwriters” to ensure positive reporting by seemingly independent advocacy groups; and now, aggressively “redacting documents before sharing them with the public.”

Governor Cuomo, without doubt, has political aspirations well beyond Albany. In that regard he will do everything possible to ensure his political legacy endures and is not unfairly tarnished.  Fair enough, but not at the expense of what the general public needs to know (and absorb) about the operation of state government.

Stay tuned in. Hal Peterson


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