NYS 2019-20 Executive Budget Released

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From: NYCOM – Deputy Director Barbara Epps To: All Mayors, Managers, Administrators, Fiscal Officers and Attorneys The Governor released his 2019-20 Executive Budget yesterday afternoon for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2019. NYCOM will be sending you a comprehensive analysis of the Budget’s impact on cities and villages, but in the meantime, we wanted to highlight some of the …

Albany Politics – Bad DA Bill May Be Killed

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A settlement between New York district attorney’s and the state has killed a criminal justice reform measure that would have created an independent body to investigate bad prosecutors. The District Attorneys Association of the State of New York sued in October over the legislation, which it argued violated the State Constitution. Under the agreement both the law suit and the …

Bill to Oversee DA’s Misses the Point

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Opinion/Commentary – Newsday 8/16/18 By Madeline Singas – Nassau County District Attorney “Instead of new oversight of prosecutors, the state should rein in dishonest lawyers.” Criminal justice advocates are right: The process to discipline New York lawyers is slow and secretive, and comprehensive reform is overdue. District attorney’s welcome changes to improve oversight of all New York’s more than 177,000 …

Nassau Polling Place Inspector Charged

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NYPD Det. Jim Coll, a Seaford Republican, won an eleventh-hour court appeal to challenge John Ferretti Jr. (Nassau Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello’s great-nephew) for a seat on the Nassau County Legislature. Ferretti win was marred by an event that took place in Seaford, when while voting, Coll noticed a pile of altered ballot’s with an arrow pointing to Ferretti’s name …

Ethics Committee meets after 8 years

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NY Post June 16, 2017 – The New York state Senate Ethics Committee marked a major accomplishment on Thursday: it met. In its first sessions in eight years, member argued about whether the vice chairs of committees in the upper chamber deserve the bonuses they’re getting in addition to their $79,500 salaries. Critics say the bonuses are only supposed to …

In The Courts

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Late N.Y. Lawmaker’s Conviction Is Tossed: The conviction of a late New York state lawmaker on charges of lying to the FBI has been overturned by an appeals court. The recent ruling by the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan also ordered the $50,000 in fines state Sen. Thomas Libous paid, be returned to his estate. The Republican …

WSJ – NYS Senate Democrats Gain Majority as GOP Keeps Control

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A special election in Harlem on Tuesday May 23rd gave Democrats a majority in the New York state Senate to match its majority in the Assembly—but the party won’t have more power. Because of an alliance between nine Democratic senators and the GOP, Republicans will maintain control over the Senate, barring the Democratic Party from a coveted trifecta in Albany—controlling …

Limiting Tenure

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The New York State Senate just passed Senate Bill S-1229, limiting the tenure of the president of the senate, speaker of the assembly, majority and minority leaders and committee chairs to 8 years. Sponsored by Senator Joseph Griffo (R,C,IP) 47th Senate District and sent to the assembly for endorsement. Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan sponsored similar legislation last year.

Tracking Government Revenue and Spending

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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has created a new organization to analyze government spending and revenue.  Why? Because he couldn’t find a single source that combined all the relevant local, state and federal numbers in one, easy to use place. Access to this information can be viewed using USAFacts.org.  

“Nonspecific Funding” in Current Executive Budget.

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Citizens Union, a good government group, in their recent “Spending in the Shadows” report, notes that state lawmakers are moving to set aside nearly $14 billion that could be spent next year with very little oversight or accountability. In particular they found Gov. Cuomo’s proposed budget has $4.3 billion in 60 discretionary funding pots that are only subject to spending …