Another look at the long lines in front of the motor vehicle bureau etc

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In a letter written to Newsday on March 1st Steve Feuer suggested their recent column and comment on the new Green Light Law was not about safety for other drivers but was about getting people licenses so they can eventually vote.

If people break our laws and are given what they don’t deserve, let them wait. If the government elitists cared about their constituents, they would have at least arranged certain days of the week for people living in our country illegally to register or only, at certain Department of Motor Vehicle offices. Then, citizens would not have to be on lines for hours.

Same goes for the new no-bail law. First, the geniuses rush to pass it, and when it explodes, they need to make changes.

Let us know when the governor, New York City mayor or any other proponent of these crazy laws are on any on these lines.


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