New York State Gets Even Bluer

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Recently, on television, Governor Cuomo made the following comment. “We’re not Democrats and Republicans, really, we’re Americans; we can’t be divided.” Really! Unfortunately, his memory must be questioned. Why? Back in January of 2014 he also said that “those who are pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, anti-gay and pro-gun are extreme conservatives who have no place in his state.” (juxtapose our state). Obviously strikingly divisive words that set the stage for what we can (not might) expect as he starts his third term of progressive leadership in January.

In the Senate, 35 of 63 senators are democrats, with Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins replacing republican John Flanagan.  Four new senators joined the pack (two currently NYC Council Members, two non-politicians, one of who identifies herself as a ‘democratic socialist.” Locally, Todd Kaminsky remains in office, and Republican Senator Kemp Hannon (serving since 1989) is out. On the administrative level, Democrat Letitia James is our new state attorney general with Tom DiNapoli continuing as comptroller. On the federal level, Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Democratic Congress women Kathleen Rice also won re-election bids by substantial amounts.

In the State Assembly, Speaker of the House Carl Heastie (who replaced Sheldon Silver) won gaining 93% of the votes. Of 150 house members, 104 are democrats. Locally, Republican Brian Curran was defeated by Democrat Judy Griffin.

We are dealing with a winner take all system of government the ramifications of which are currently unfathomable. Any semblance of the need to balance politically motivated agendas on a practical affordable basis is most likely lost, as is the need for real reform. Entitlements will rule the day. These problems are further accentuated by a very inept GOP leadership process that accomplished little to ensure the selection of viable candidates for office.


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