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Two days’ before Election Day, I used my web page to encourage a vote in favor of Ballot Proposal # 1.

If approved, through the establishment of a properly managed convention, serious debate would have been possible to amend some critical aspects of state constitution that are begging for attention. Unfortunately, give or take a few souls, 2,711,000 (out of 3,258,776) said ‘No” reaffirming the status-quo. A defining moment for organized labor.

Should we be concerned? You betcha. Special, vested interest groups continue to dominate state politics with millions spent on misleading advertising spread cleverly to frighten the general public away from change, regardless of merit.

So be it. We are back to square one. Are our elected officials concerned? Hardly, they have hung “Do Not Disturb Sign’s” on their office doors by never supporting one iota of concern, or reform.

P.S. Slipped the following note under some doors. Please read our comptroller’s recent report titled “NY’s Next Budget Crisis.” Alas, at some point the piper will have to be paid.



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