A textbook example of broken government.

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Newsday’s expose’ of the inner workings’ of Nassau County politics – on all level, past and present- should serve as a textbook example (“Pathway to power,” News Feb 25).

This is a broken system of government being manipulated by powerful politicians, prominent attorney’s and their minions, mayor’s, sheriff’s, police commissioners, administrative and Supreme court judges etc. all hobnobbing with Gary Melius, an individual of considerable means, with a very checkered past.

Obviously we are witnessing a form of shadow government that permeates the very foundation of good government. Will this change? Hardly. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the “tawdry” acts of former Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell were insufficient to maintain his public-corruption conviction. Now, essentially, only the most blatant and clumsy corrupt officials will be subject to prosecution.

Hal Peterson,

Lynbrook, NY


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