State Migration Numbers (2010-2017)

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Which states have the largest number of Americans leaving other states and moving to their state?  And which states have the largest number leaving their state?

Here are the figures for 2010 thru 2017, published by the American Family Association of NY.

States with most people moving in:

  • Florida:                   +1,025,061
  • Texas:                      + 944,018
  • North Carolina:     + 327,631
  • Arizona:                  + 278,290
  • Colorado:                + 276,485
  • South Carolina:     + 264,781

States with most people leaving:

  • New York:          -1,022,071
  • Illinois:                  -642,821
  • California:            -556,710
  • New Jersey:          -395,160
  • Michigan:             -225,302
  • Pennsylvania:     -214,426

Two key factors causing people to move to another state are property costs and the level of state income & property taxes.  Now with the new federal tax law*, the second factor, property & income taxes, has become even more important.

The two major components of NY’s state budget are healthcare & education costs. The two key components of property taxes are education costs (60% of property taxes) & police costs (20% of property taxes). The likelihood that our NY legislators will address these key tax issues is not good, especially considering the power of NY’s public employee unions and their political control of most legislators.

* The new federal tax law (signed by President Trump in December) increases the standard deduction to $24,000 for couples & $12,000 for individuals, and lowers tax rates for most people. But, it also limits the deduction for property & state income taxes to $10,000, which for many New Yorkers will reduce their itemized deductions.



  1. So true. Not much of an incentive to stay except for family.

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