Gun owners may need to submit their social media history

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Those looking to buy a gun in New York, under proposed legislation, may need to submit their prior search history if new firearm legislation becomes state law.  Drafted by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and State Senator Kevin Parker (both Democrats) up to three years’ worth of history on social media would be reviewed according to ABC Action News.

Senate Bill 9191, mandates the use of this information by a person applying for a license to purchase, renew, or possess such a weapon. Searches would cover a period of one to three years. Specific examples would include “commonly known profane slurs used or biased language used to describe race, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation, threatening the health and safety of another person, or an act of terrorism.”

Paul McQuillen, director of the Buffalo of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence said “there should be more restrictions on how guns are purchased, more background checks; some of the mass shooters have obviously had a media history that should have sent red flags.”

The bill could be, troublesome to push through, as critics argue it violates multiple constitutional rights. The legislation is currently in committee and no vote is scheduled.


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