What They Make

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Reported by The Empire Center for Public Policy Inc. an independent, non-profit think tank. 

County and Municipal Payrolls in New York State

As of August 2017


Local government is a labor-intensive business, and employee compensation is the single biggest element of most municipal budgets. The 2016-17 edition of What They Make, the Empire Center’s annual report on public payrolls, allows New York taxpayers to compare this key element of local government costs around the state.

The information in this report—broken down by region and by type of government—is based on data submitted annually to the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) by all local governments other than New York City. The data do not include job titles; however, it includes separate analysis of the pay received by uniformed police and fire employees.

The latest county and municipal payroll database includes 2016-17 state fiscal year payroll information for full-time and part-time workers actively enrolled in the pension system as of August 2017. The figures used to compute the averages include regular pay, overtime and pay for unused sick and vacation time. However, the figures do not include employer pension contributions, health insurance, and other fringe benefits, elements of total compensation that can add 35 percent or more to personnel costs.

Submitted for information purposes only. Access the full report using a ‘Goggle” search – Empire Center..What they make. Click on cover page.

Table of Contents

Average Pay – By Region 4

Top Average Pay by Municipality and Employer Type 4

Highest-Paid Employees, Top 50, Statewide 5

Highest-Paid Employees, Top 10, by Region 6

Regional Employment and Pay Summaries 8

County General Employees – Average Pay – By Region 15

Town General Employees – Average Pay – By Region Capital 17

Central 18

Finger Lakes 19

Long Island 20

Mid-Hudson 20

Mohawk Valley 21

North Country 22

Southern Tier 23

Western 24

Town Uniformed Police Employees – Average Pay – By Region 26

Town Uniformed Fire Employees – Average Pay – By Region 28 

 Village General Employees – Average Pay – by Region

Capital 29

Central 29

Finger Lakes 30

Long Island 30

Mid-Hudson 31

Mohawk Valley 32

North Country 32

Southern Tier 32

Western 33

 Village Uniformed Police Employees – Average Pay – By Region 34

 Village Uniformed Fire Employees – Average Pay – By Region 37


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